Below are a list of frequently asked questions. If none of these give you the information you need then please email us!

QR Codes

When do they expire?

The codes never expire, the data is permanently encoded in the image.

How big should they be?

The size of a QR code is determined by three factors:

  1. The amount of data encoded
  2. The error correction level (higher error correction -> bigger code)
  3. The block size (the number of pixels per black 'block' in the code)

When generating the code you can control the block size and error correction level. The wide range of variables means that it is often easiest to use trial-and-error to find the best combination of settings for your requirements. You can always contact us

What devices are QR Codes compatible with?

The codes generated on QR Explore are compatible with every smartphone reader and QR code reader available.
If you are having issues with compatibility, please contact us to investigate.

Can I change the filenames?

Yes, just select the 'Treat as CSV' option and add a filename after the code and a comma.


Can I import Excel files?

Whilst you cannot directly import Excel files you can copy the data across. Select the data in your worksheet that you want to generate as codes, copy it and paste it into the data entry area.

How do you generate codes with line breaks?

By default QR Explore will treat a line break as a break between codes. To change this behaviour please select a different 'separator character' from the options and use that as well as a line break.

Can this generate vCards?

Yes it can, you'll need to format your data according to the vCard standards and choose the pipe (|) to terminate each vCard.

Using the Codes

Can you make a PDF of the codes?

Yes, for a small fee we can generate a PDF to your specification (including label printing). We can also create a custom portal for you to generate PDFs at will from your source data (e.g. Excel).

Can you mail-merge the codes?

Yes, included in each Zip file is a csv file. This can be used to do an 'image merge' in Microsoft products. You can also use the QR codes in software packages such as InDesign, contact us if you need help.
A brief document describing the process with InDesign is available here.

Purchasing Codes

How do I buy more codes?

You can view your current balance in your account and top up with more credits by purchasing more. Additional credits are added to your existing bakance. As soon as the PayPal purchase is completed your email address will be unlocked

Can I get a receipt?

Yes, as soon as your purchase is completed you will get an email confirming the purchase with a link to your invoice. You can also view all of your transactions in your account. If this is not sufficient please contact us.

If I purchase credits do I have to use them all at once?

No you don't have to use them all at once. Credits are deducted from your balance every time you use your registered email, although the first 100 are always free. You can check your current balance in your account.

Can I pay you in 'X' currency?

Purchases on QR Explore must currently be made in GBP, EUR or USD.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

An invoice can be raised for payment by international bank transfer in GBP. Please contact us.

I made a purchase, now what?

Please use the email address associated with your PayPal account in the 'Registered Email' field to start using your codes.

I have paid for some codes but it does not work

Please check to make sure the PayPal payment completed (they will send you an email receipt). Contact us if you continue to experience issues.

Custom / Bespoke Work

Can you just do this for me?

Sure thing, please contact us.

Will you help me with a project?

Yes, please contact us.

What do you have experience in?

QR Codes, Web development, web performance, PDF generation, large-scale projects...