QR Explore offers consultancy services for QR Code projects.
If you require support with your project please email us!.
We charge £75GBP per hour and provide proforma invoices in multiple currencies.

Delegate Badges for Events

For a one-off event we can provide print-ready delegate badges with your logo, text content and QR Codes.
The QR Codes can include virtual business cards allowing delegates to keep in touch and you to track attendance.
If you run multiple events, we can provide you with a portal to generate your badges ad hoc, whenever you need them!

PDF Document Generation

If you need your codes embedded in batches of PDF documents, let us do the hard work!
We can provide batches of PDF documents with QR Codes embedded, or provide a portal for you to generate the files based on your requirements.

Custom Code Creation

Do you want rounded edges, different colours or a logo embedded in your QR Codes? Get in touch!

Laser Etched Codes

If you have a requirement for your codes to be placed outdoors, or you simply want a stylish QR Code plaque for an exhibit, we can have codes laser etched.
Materials available include plastic, wood and aluminium. We've done the hard work to determine how to create laser-etched QR Codes which are durable and can be scanned!

Dynamic / Customisable Codes

If you want to get analytics or reporting on who's scanning your codes, or if you want to be able to change where they send your customers, please get in touch.

Everything Else!

If you've got a project involving QR Codes, we can probably help! Just let us know what you need and we will see if we can help.