QR Codes are a great way to provide a quick link to users, but they can be confusing or ignored if not used correctly. This is a practical guide on making the most from your QR codes.

What makes a good QR Code?


QR Codes are often used incorrectly or inappropriately. In this short post we will cover four key concepts which are important to consider when using QR Codes. Considering these concepts when using QR Codes will help improve scan rate, scan success and the objectives of your projects!


The utility of a QR code is measured by how much use it provides to the person scanning it. In order to maximize the utility of the code, ensure that


The position or location of a QR code is a critical factor in how likely it is that someone will

Call to Action


As we have described in another blog post, there are many actions you can trigger with a QR Code.

Analytics & Tracking



Error Correction

Colors & Border

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